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Mission Statement
Our mission statement is owned by our Operations Manager and has been created in collaboration with senior management, delivery staff, apprentices, employers, and awarding organisations to ensure an informed and shared understanding of Equals Training’s vision and expectations for apprenticeship training.


Health and Safety Policy
To acknowledges the duty placed upon them by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and all other relevant statutory provisions and recognised codes of practice and provides safe and healthy working and learning environments as is reasonably practicable for its staff, learners and other users of its services.


Complaints Policy
This procedure aims to maintain confidence in the accountability and integrity of Equals Training. It provides a framework to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place for dealing with complaints. It sets out the principles and standards for dealing with complaints including timeliness and proportionality and provides clarity on the investigation of complaints.


Safeguarding and Prevent Policy
This policy outlines the approach to Safeguarding and Prevent. It promotes the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. It applies to all aspects of our work and all staff, including those who self-employed.